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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I tried calling, why did you not answer the phone? 
We do not have a receptionist and each of our stylist work for themselves as an independent contractor. When we are with a client, that client is currently paying for our time and attention. If you leave a message on the voicemail we will contact you back Monday-Friday within 24 hours.
  • What is your service menu?

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  • Why are your prices different for each stylist?

Each stylist has a different number of years in the industry and different skill level. They create their own prices, not the salon.

  • Why does the hairstylist I chose only work daytime hours?

Each stylist has availability where their schedule can handle adding more clients. If the stylist you chose does not have any available time that works with your schedule, we recommend you send a message to another stylist. Each of our stylists are experienced and talented.  

  • Why can't I schedule a color with one of your stylist? 

Each color needs a consultation. We can only have the most frequently used colors on hand. During the consultation we can determine which color we need to use, how much time the color will take, and an estimate on how much it will cost to achieve what you are looking for. 

  • Why can't you schedule my appointment with the stylist of my choosing?

Each stylist works the hours that best suites their lifestyle and they alone have access to that schedule. To get in contact with the stylist of your choice click the "Meet our Team button", select the stylist, and fill out the information below. Each stylist has an email that will receive your request.  An on-line scheduler is available for all stylists to use, not all stylist choose to schedule this way. Each individual stylist has their own way to schedule.

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